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Similasan | FSA-Approved

Similasan Allergy Homeopathic Eye Relief Drops, 0.33 Fl Oz

Similasan Allergy Homeopathic Eye Relief Drops, 0.33 Fl Oz

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Similasan Allergy Eye Relief Drops provide temporary relief from red, itchy, and burning eyes caused by allergies. With 100% natural active ingredients and a sting-free formula, these eye drops stimulate your body's natural defenses to alleviate symptoms and help you feel better.

  • Natural Active Ingredients: Made with natural active ingredients like eyebright, Similasan Allergy Eye Relief Drops offer a gentle and effective solution to relieve redness, itching, burning, stinging, and irritation caused by eye allergies. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and embrace the power of nature.
  • Sting-Free Formula: Similasan understands the importance of comfort when dealing with allergy symptoms. Our eye drops have a sting-free formula, ensuring a pleasant experience while providing relief from eye discomfort.
  • No Known Side Effects: Use Similasan Allergy Eye Relief Drops as often as needed, knowing that they have no known side effects. Trust in our natural approach to managing allergy symptoms without worrying about adverse reactions.
  • Trusted Swiss Brand: For over 40 years, Similasan has been trusted by pharmacists and families in Switzerland. We are a leading brand of homeopathic remedies with natural active ingredients, dedicated to keeping your family healthy.


Active Ingredients: Apis Mellifica - 6 X (Burning, itching, stinging), Euphrasia Officinalis (Eyebright) - 6 X (Redness, swelling, watering), Sabadilla - 6 X (Watering, redness of lids)

Inactive Ingredients: Borate buffer, purified water, silver sulphate (as preservative), sodium nitrate

Feel Good About Feeling Better: Similasan is committed to helping families feel good about feeling better. Our homeopathic eye drops provide temporary relief from allergy eye symptoms, such as redness, itching, burning, stinging, and irritation. With Similasan, you can trust in the power of nature to soothe and support your eyes, ensuring a brighter, more comfortable day.

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