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101 FSA Approved Items You Can Buy with Your FSA Card

FSA-eligible products and services are qualified medical expenses that would not be used but for the medical need. Medical needs vary from person to person, but to the best of its ability, a central organization has managed to put together a list of over 150,000 eligible products.

Many of the FSA listed products are variations of a single item (think reading glasses listed for each strength/color combination). Still, this is quite a large number of products that comprises everyday medical items you may purchase out of pocket without realizing they are FSA-approved. See below for 101 FSA Approved Items that you can buy with your FSA today.

Also, for a comprehensive guide to FSA/HSA product and services eligibility see: FSA Products & Services Eligibility List 

Ultimate FSA Eligible Products Guide | Top 101 FSA Approved Items

  1. Reading Glasses
  2. Braces & Supports
  3. Feminine Protection
  4. Home Diagnostics
  5. Moderate to High Compression (Over 8-15 mmHg)
  6. Wound & Surgical Dressings
  7. Hot/Cold Therapy
  8. Internal Pain Relief
  9. Walking Aids
  10. Cough, Cold, Flu & Sinus
  11. Incontinence
  12. Baby Feeding Accessories
  13. Respiratory Therapy
  14. Blood Glucose Testing
  15. Orthopedic & Surgical Support
  16. Homeopathic Remedies
  17. Stomach & Nausea Remedies
  18. First Aid Kits & Supplies
  19. Patient Aids For Daily Living
  20. Elastic Bandages & Athletic Treatments
  21. Allergy Relief
  22. External Pain Relief
  23. Sun Protection
  24. Shoe Insoles & Inserts
  25. Foot Cushioning & Treatments
  26. Laxatives
  27. Ostomy Pouches
  28. Mineral/Natural Sun Protection
  29. Diabetes Management Accessories
  30. Abdominal Supports & Rib Belts
  31. Specialized Orthopedic Braces/Supports/Splints
  32. Nicotine Replacement Therapy
  33. Nasal Treatments
  34. Wound Treatments & Skin Relief
  35. Patient Room Supplies
  36. Children's Pain & Fever Relief
  37. Cough Drops, Sore Throat Relief
  38. Children's Cold & Allergy
  39. Ear Care
  40. Wheelchairs
  41. Ostomy Care
  42. Condoms & Barrier Contraceptives
  43. Bathroom Safety
  44. Pregnancy & Ovulation/Fertility Tests
  45. Baby Health
  46. Facial & Body Acne Medications
  47. Orthopedic Aids
  48. Glucosamine for Joint Health
  49. Eye Relief
  50. Alternative Therapy
  51. Insulin, Syringes & Delivery Systems
  52. Contact Lens Care
  53. First Aid Tapes & Adhesive Wraps
  54. Wheelchair Accessories
  55. Itch Treatments
  56. Prenatal Multivitamins
  57. Denture Care
  58. Electrotherapy (TENS)
  59. Hand & Body Cleansing
  60. Medical Nutritionals, IV Therapy & Hypodermic Supplies
  61. Pressure Relief, Positioning & Support
  62. Wound Washes & Cleansers
  63. Therapeutic/Beauty Sun Protection
  64. Eyewear & Lens Accessories
  65. Power Chairs & Scooters
  66. Disposable Diapers & Wipes
  67. Feminine Personal Care
  68. Athletic Compression
  69. Children's First Aid
  70. Diabetes Nutritionals
  71. Antifungal Treatments
  72. Sleep Aids & Stimulants
  73. Oral Remedies
  74. Hemorrhoid Preparations
  75. Anti-Diarrheals
  76. Foot Grooming & Pain Relief
  77. Continuous Glucose Monitoring
  78. Baby Home & Mobility
  79. Antiparasitic Treatments
  80. Hearing Aid Batteries
  81. Feminine Antifungals
  82. Anti-Gas
  83. Lip Care
  84. Physical & Cognitive Therapy
  85. Urological Care
  86. Wart Removers
  87. Respiratory Treatments
  88. Rehabilitation Therapy
  89. Acupressure
  90. Catheters
  91. Hand & Body Moisturizers & Treatments
  92. Digestive Aids
  93. Urine Testing
  94. Children's Digestive Health
  95. Medical/Surgical Supplies
  96. Mastectomy Products
  97. Sexual Health Products
  98. Dehydration Powder Mixes
  99. After Sun Care
  100. Facial Cleansers
  101. Prescription Sunglasses

For the full list of FSA Eligible Products & Services, see the Full FSA Eligibility List.

Top 11 Unique FSA approved items (2023)

Top FSA items for runners

Top FSA items for the pain in my neck, back, and body

Top FSA items for hangovers

Top FSA items for baby

Top FSA items for skin care

Top FSA items for sexual health

Additions to the FSA Eligibility list

Each year, thousands of products are added to the FSA eligibility list. The list is not some mystic apparition, but a physical list of products maintained to ensure FSA card transactions identify qualified items.

Newly added FSA products in 2020

Menstrual Care - each year, there had been debates about including pads and other menstrual products, but 2020 was the year these items finally were approved along with the CARES Act

Personal Protective Equipment (temporary) - a temporary loosening in eligibility requirements would allow masks (surgical, n95, etc.) and hand sanitizers/wipes (with 60%+ alcohol) for COVID prevention

OTC Medications - before the CARES act, you could not purchase a bottle of Advil with your FSA card and instead had to get a doctor's prescription to qualify, but no longer is this the case as all OTCs are FSA-covered

New FSA items added in 2021

Rehabilitation products - "all products you could find in a physical therapy clinic, but wouldn't also be in a gym"

Breathalyzers - these intoxication measurements fall in line with other FSA eligible diagnostic products and were deemed eligible

BMI Scales - these products were previously considered dual-purpose for the often-included weight-reading feature, but due to the inextricable nature of weight-reading and BMI diagnostics, these products switched to FSA-eligible as long as BMI is the primary product benefit

New FSA items added in 2022

Electrolyte mixes - with an increasing focus on defined disease states, "dehydration" led to rethinking FSA classification for items with primary benefits for baby care

Sexual health products - FSA-approved items now include those used to relieve sex pains, monitor and promote fertility, and strengthen the pelvic floor (see: Does my FSA cover sex toys?)

New FSA items added in 2023

Limited selection of activity trackers - Around mid-year, the industry group that manages FSA-eligible products permitted trackers and wearables that included key features such as pulse oximetry and menstrual cycle tracking. (See: Are Activity Trackers FSA Approved?) This newly eligible category is a culmination of changes coming into effect since the CARES Act, most notably the FSA/HSA inclusion of feminine care products. Fitbit is still not considered an approved expense as it focuses on step tracking. To be sure, check BuyFSA for regularly updated FSA-approved products that you can shop for in-app or online.

Percussion Massagers and Muscle Recovery Products - This includes an exciting list of items such as Theragun, Cryotherapy Recovery Systems and more. These items are newly recognized for their medical benefits to the general public as opposed to performance products for athletes (see: Are Therabody products FSA-approved).

Items that have been removed from FSA-approved products list

Over the years, products originally deemed FSA-eligible have actually been switched to "FSA-ineligible" status as a result of increased scrutiny for how the products are used. Not only this, but the interpretations of IRS guidance changes over time, leading to changes in FSA product eligibility.

Products that were once FSA-listed, but no longer, include:

  • Magnifying glasses
  • Hearing devices such as wireless headphones for watching TV from afar
  • Surgical gloves and masks
  • Doctor Scholl's comfort insoles
  • EOS lip balm


Special Interest Group for IIAS Standards (Product Eligibility Criteria)
IRS (IRS Publication 502)
IRS Update (IRS Announcement 2021-7)

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