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How do I get an FSA Product Approval Certificate with BuyFSA Consulting Services?

BuyFSA is the only site that provides FSA product approval certificates that distinguish eligible from ineligible FSA and HSA products. As a brand that is interested in getting products qualified for FSA/HSA spend, you'll want to make sure you're in compliance - BuyFSA can help with its FSA and HSA Product Approval Consulting services. Our team has combined decades of experience in the tax-free health account space and uses this background to guarantee FSA eligibility on all products listed on

Why does it matter if products are FSA approved?

Certified product eligibility is useful for brand owners and consumers alike. Brand owners get access to the FSA market while consumers use eligibility to make informed buying decisions.

For brand owners, BuyFSA offers eligibility review services to get your products qualified and to provide proof of FSA eligibility for each product sold. 

For consumers, you’ll have an attached certificate to share with your administrator should there be any question about the status of an FSA approved item. does not directly determine FSA product eligibility, but we work directly with the industry organization that does. We then use a databased master eligibility list as a reference to generate FSA eligibility certificates that ensures a given product is FSA approved and can be purchased with an FSA (or HSA card).

How do I apply to get my product FSA approved?

You can reach directly to our support team by emailing and a qualified agent will assist you through each step of the process.

How long will it take to get an FSA product approved?

There are monthly FSA product eligibility reviews that our team submits to. We use product details such as a GS1 UPC-12 code, product description, Fine Lines categorizations, and supporting documentation. We work with brands to guide them through the entire process and ensure they have all the details in place to get products FSA approved.

For both consumers and brands, you want to make sure the products your listing and buying are guaranteed FSA-approved. The best way to do this is through BuyFSA where each product has an attached FSA Product Approval Certificate that guarantees eligibility.

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