how to accept fsa and hsa cards

How to accept FSA and HSA card payments?

There are millions of Americans with Flexible Spending and Health Savings Accounts. Each year, billions of dollars are spent through these tax-free additions to employee health plans. While retailers such as BuyFSA accept FSA and HSA card payments, many other retailers find it difficult to navigate the space and offer consumers the same option.

BuyFSA offers consulting services to help brands and retailers understand and implement FSA/HSA card acceptance. Additionally, BuyFSA will help identify all qualified products and provide best practice recommendations to get started selling to FSA and HSA accountholders. 

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How do you accept FSA and HSA cards on your store?

The short answer is - it's not easy. There is an extensive compliance and regulatory checklist to make sure that the correct items are marked as FSA/HSA-approved. Then there is the need to implement a custom checkout and integrate into your existing shopping cart. For many, this is an unsurmountable task, but BuyFSA provides an easy solution.

BuyFSA offers a PayPal style checkout button that can be added to your store making it easy to identify and purchase FSA and HSA eligible items on your store. Whether you're a brand or a retailer, this provides an immense opportunity to reach the millions of Americans (that are spending billions of dollars) with these accounts.

With our added FSA/HSA checkout solution, set up is quick and easy. Immediately get the opportunity to increase average order size and improve conversion rates for this special segement of consumers.

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What stores accept FSA cards?

Many national chain drugstores, independent pharmacies and even grocery stores accept FSA and HSA cards, but only for the subset of qualified items they sell. At these locations, the FSA and HSA cards transact over a special network that was built to support brick and mortar retail. 

When shopping in brick and mortar stores, consumers are confronted with figuring out which items are qualified. This struggle makes the shopping experience clunky and deters people from using their specialized FSA/HSA cards at these locations. However, with online stores, it's easier to merchandise for this category which opens an opportunity to brands and retailers playing a part in the FSA and HSA marketplace online.

There are a select few online shopping options that accept FSA/HSA cards (including These tech-forward FSA/HSA specialty retailers have navigated a cumbersome technical  effort to set up FSA/HSA card payments online. Managing the payments process and maintaining an up-to-date list of qualified products is difficult and tedious to manage for online retailers in other verticals such as beauty, optical, skincare, etc.

Which products and categories are FSA-approved?

There is an extensive list of products (in fact hundreds of thousands of items) that are considered FSA and HSA eligible. Many consumers are unaware of the vast selection of products covered with their accounts. This is where BuyFSA adds value by offering insight into which products are eligible (and removing all confusion and uncertainty from the shopping experience). A full list of eligible products and categories can be found on the FSA/HSA product eligibility list.

BuyFSA offers consultation services to help brands and retailers identify which of their products are FSA and HSA eligible. BuyFSA can help to get these products approved. Lasty, BuyFSA offers a checkout solution similar to PayPal that will allow retailers to accept FSA/HSA cards right on their site.

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