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Are diapers and other baby products FSA-approved?

Can I buy diapers with my FSA or HSA?

No, diapers are not an approved FSA or HSA expense. Despite their importance for infant care, baby diapers are not FSA-eligible expenses. The Internal Revenue Service considers baby diapers personal care items rather than medical expenses, making them ineligible for FSA/ HSA reimbursement.

What is a are diapers (re: FSA)?

Baby diapers are used to keep infants and toddlers dry and comfortable. They are designed with highly absorbent material to contain urine and feces. These products help with baby hygiene and prevent issues such as diaper rash.

Are bedwetting or potty training products FSA-approved?

Yes, bedwetting products for older children (outside of accepted potty training ages) are FSA-approved. While bedwetting is considered normal for babies and young children (ages 2-5 years old), school-age children may continue to experience bedwetting into later age.

Potty training products for young children are not considered approved expenses. Since this is considered a normal part of childhood, Pre-K potty training is an ineligible FSA and HSA expense.

For those children that continue to experience bedwetting into schooling years, there are FSA-approved products just for them. Many of these popular products such as Goodnites and Sleep Overs can be purchased on BuyFSA.com with and FSA or HSA card.

Are diapers for adult incontinence FSA-approved?

Yes, incontinence products are FSA-approved for bladder control issues resulting from surgeries or pregnacy, for example. These incontinence products are treated separately from baby diapers since they are considered qualified expenses resulting from a medical need.

Are there other FSA-approved baby products?

While diapers are not eligible with an FSA card, there are many other baby product categories that are FSA-approved. 


Items that qualify include:

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