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Are Theragun products FSA approved?

Is Theragun FSA eligible?

Yes, Theragun and its variations are HSA and FSA-approved and be purchased with your FSA card on BuyFSA. The Theragun Pro, Elite, Prime and others are FSA eligible. You can find the entire selection of FSA approved Therabody products on BuyFSA.

Therabody (maker of the Theragun) is a tech-forward wellness products company that offers a wide range of therapeutic products for recovery,many of which are now FSA-approved. Therabody products help alleviate aches, pains, cramps, and muscle stiffness. Their products are notably top-in-class of the muscle recovery category. Of their suite of products, a subset are FSA-approved expenses.

Theragun Products are now FSA-approved

As of 2023, Theragun products and other percussion massagers are now FSA-approved. There is no longer a need for a letter of medical necessity and all retail locations that accept FSA or HSA cards will allow you to purchase Theragun products.

Shop the full selection of FSA and HSA-approved Theragun and Therabody products can be found on BuyFSA.

Are all Therabody products FSA and HSA eligible?

Many Therabody products are FSA and HSA eligible, but some are not. Therabody products that are intended to treat a specific medical condition and would not be used but for this medical need are considered FSA and HSA eligible.

Until recently, many Therabody products (including the Theragun) were not FSA eligible. In 2023, this changed with percussion massagers and other muscle recovery items becoming tagged with the FSA/HSA eligible status.

Prior to 2023, the products were considered to be “dual-purpose" (i.e. not eligible for FSA/HSA). As we mention in other articles, dual-purpose products are not qualified for  FSA/HSA spend unless they're accompanied by a letter of medical necessity from a medical professional. 

What changed? Well, the industry group in charge of approving FSA/HSA products determined that these items would not be used but for the medical need. The need in this case is for muscle recovery, aiding in the repair of damaged muscle tissue and overall pain relief (all which are qualified medical expense categories).

Which Therabody products are FSA-approved?

Here is the full list of FSA-approved Therabody products

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