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Which products are FSA eligible?

Updated: 11/23/2022
Author: FSA Coach

What does an FSA cover?

FSA Eligible Products by Category:

There is an organization that really gets down to the nitty gritty of product eligibility and it is not the IRS. The industry group that determines which products are eligible is called "SIGIS" and their guidelines are outlined in the table below.

You'll notice you can use your FSA for both products and services. The services often make up the larger portion of your annual FSA expenses and the products are a nice addition and can also help spend down your remaining funds at deadline time. 

Acupressure Treatments Examples: Kanjo, Seabands, Psibands Acupressure products that treat a medical condition are eligible.
Breast Pumps and Breast-Feeding Supplies Breast Pump (cost or rental fee), Breast Pump Parts (pump valve, replacement tubing, piston unit, diaphragms, pump body, flange, shield), Storage Bottles, Storage Bags, Gel Pads, Nursing Pads, Nipple Shields, Conversion Kits, Areola Stimulator, Car Adapter Products that directly aid lactation are eligible. Items not eligible include: Bottle Stands, Bottle Nipples, Cleaners, Freezer Blocks, Bra Shields and Nursing Pillow and Covers, Nursing Bras and Milk Coolers.
Compression Hosiery Medical Compression 30-40 and above; any compression of Anti-Embolism Stockings, Ulcer Care Compression or Lymphedema Treats condition-specific medical conditions such as anti-embolism, ulcer care or lymphedema.
Contraceptives Condoms (with and without spermicide) – Trojan, Durex, Lifestyle See also Contraceptives under OTC Drugs and Medicines for products that include an active drug ingredient.
Cotton Balls, Rolled Cotton, Cotton Applicators US Cotton Sterile Cotton Balls and Rolls Only Sterile cotton products are eligible. Non-sterile products are dual-purpose.
Dental Repair Dentek Temparin, DOC Recapit Temporary dental repair products are eligible.
Denture Adhesives, Repair, and Cleansers PoliGrip, Benzodent, Plate Weld, Efferdent Denture cleaners and maintenance products are eligible. See also Denture Pain Relief under OTC Drugs and Medicines for products that include an active drug ingredient.
Diabetes Care One Touch Meters & Strips, Softclix Lancets & Device, Monoject insulin syringes; Dex 4 glucose products Testing (meters, strips, lancets, alcohol swabs), dosing (syringes, pens, etc.), glucose are eligible. Personal Care are ineligible or dual-purpose.
Diagnostic Products (Includes thermometers, blood pressure monitors, cholesterol testing, pulse oximeters, drug, alcohol and body fat testers) Braun Forehead Thermometer, Nexcare Thermometer, Lifescan BP Monitor, Cholestrak, Azo UTI Test Strips, Quest Pulse Oximeter Includes devices that monitor, screen or test for the presence of disease, dysfunction of the body or for other medical conditions.
Diapers – Juvenile Incontinence GoodNites, Under Jams Products marketed for juvenile incontinence only. Regular diapers and training paints are not eligible.
Downloadable Apps with Medical Functions for tablets and smartphones   App cost could be a medical expense if used for medical purpose only (i.e. track heart rhythm). Apps that include function for general wellness are not eligible.
Durable Medical Equipment Wheelchairs, Crutches, Oxygen Machines Can be included when manufacturer provides UPC, merchants can mark non-UPC tagged items as private label items. See Home Health Care for additional criteria.
Ear Care Bionix Oto Clear, Select Nutrition Ear Wax Candle, Provent Hearing Aid Dryer Ear drops ear syringes, ear wax removal devices, ear candles, hearing aid cleaners and dryers. See also Ear Care under OTC Medicines and Drugs for products that include an active drug ingredient.
Enemas Bags, Syringes, prefilled enemas - Fleet Devices are eligible. Prefilled enemas are eligible.
Eye Care Contact lens care, eyeglass repair kits Products used to maintain corrective lenses and frames are eligible. Post-surgical eye protection is eligible. Blue light blocking technology is allowed as long as vision corrective component is present in the product.
Face Mask for prevention of COVID-19 N95, KN95, Disposable Face Mask, 3M Daily Face Mask For the prevention of COVID-19 based on CDC guidelines. Disposable Mask must meet the following criteria: (1) Multiple layers of non-woven material, (2) Nose wire. Cloth Mask must meet the following criteria: (1) Multiple layers of tightly woven breathable fabric, (2) Nose wire, (3) Mask should block light when held up to bright light source. Masks with exhalation valves or vents are not eligible. Gaiters and Face shields are not eligible.
Family Planning EPT, Clearblue Fertility Monitor Pregnancy, ovulation and fertility kits are eligible. Dietary supplement only products are not eligible.
First Aid Dressings & Supplies Band Aid, 3M Nexcare, J&J First Aid, non-sport tapes, Simply Saline Wound Wash If the main purpose is for medical care, and there is no “normal” use that is not medical, it could automatically qualify as eligible. Saline wound washes are eligible. Bandages impregnated or coated with a medicated product are eligible. Tapes and bandages indicated as "Athletic" or "Sport" are eligible unless marketed as performance enhancing.
First Aid Wound and Skin Protectants Vaseline Healing Petroleum Jelly, Aquaphor Healing Ointment, Eucerin Healing Ointment Protects wounds, burns, scrapes etc.
Foot Care Treatments Corn & callus cushions & pads, corn & callus remover implements; therapeutic insoles, orthotic inserts, arch supports, heel cups Products that have a primary purpose to treat specific ailments are eligible; products for general use or comfort are dual-purpose.
Glucosamine &/or Chondroitin Osteo-Bi-Flex, Cosamin D, Flex-a-min Nutritional Supplements Glucosamine-only or main ingredient glucosamine products are eligible.
Hand Sanitizers (ABHR) Purell, Nexcare, Germ-X Alcohol Based Hand Rub (ABHR) with 60-95% alcohol - hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol (often listed on the label as ethanol, ethyl alcohol, isopropanol, or 2-propanol). Excludes all other sanitizing, antiseptic or antibacterial hand cleansers such as benzalkonium chloride. Excludes household wipes, sprays, etc.
Head Lice Products Nix Lice Comb, Rid Lice Comb Combs, electronic devices are eligible.
Health Care Services Urgent Care or Primary Care services provided by a licensed practitioner at an IIAS merchant  
Health Supports ACE, Futuro, braces, elastic bandages, hot/cold therapy, orthopedic supports, rib belts, back braces, etc. If the main purpose is for medical care, and there is no “normal” use that is not medical, it could automatically qualify as eligible. Athletic tape – typically used on existing injuries or as prevention against further injury, similar to a brace or wrap; not a performance enhancement product will be eligible. Work/industrial back braces belts used to prevent or treat back injury will be eligible. Items eligible if not marketed solely for performance enhancements.
Hearing Aid/Medical Batteries Duracell, Energizer Hearing Aid Batteries Multi-purpose batteries not eligible.
Home Health Care (limited segments) Elevated toilets, commodes, limb/joint protectors, medical/nutritional IV products, shower grab bar, bath transfer benches, shower stools, urinals/bedpans, traction, specialized braces & supports, ostomy, mastectomy products, urological, respiratory (excluding general air filters), electrotherapy, mobility (canes, walkers, rollators, wheelchairs), wound care, incontinence, diagnostics (stethoscopes, thermometers, blood pressure monitors, drug and alcohol tests), medication dosers/organizers, eating, grooming and dressing aids and medical alerts (jewelry, alarms, etc.) are eligible General rule applies that these products may be used as part of the aging process which is not considered a medical condition; however products and equipment that assists daily functions, like mobility, qualify even if impairment is due to aging. Accessories not related to the actual function of equipment, such as cup holders, totes and baskets, are dual-purpose. See Dual-Purpose Home Health Care section.
Hot & Cold Therapy ACE Hot/Cold Compress, Cara Ice Bag, Bed Buddy Back Wrap, Kaz Heating Pad, ThermaCare Heat Wrap Freezer or instant cold packs, microwave or instant hot packs/pads, ice bags and electric heating pads are eligible. See also Pain Relief Oral and Topical for Medicated pads.
Incontinence Protection Attends, Depend, Prevail, GoodNites, UnderJams Skin care, cleansing products and diapers/training pants are dual-purpose.
Lip Balms – Sun Care Banana Boat SPF 50, Bullfrog Water Armor SPF30 Primary use must be for protection against skin cancer and premature skin aging with indication of UVA and UVB protection (broad spectrum) and 15 and above (15+). Products that are primarily moisturizers/cosmetic with a sunscreen are dual-purpose.
Menstrual Care Products: Feminine Protection Kotex, Always, Stayfree, Tampax Expenses associated with menstruation or other genital-tract secretions. (Tampon, Pads, Liners, Cups, Sponges, Disposable or Non-disposable Underwear for Menstruation, or other similar products).
Mouth Guards Dentek, Night Guard Night mouth guards are eligible. Mouth guards used in sports to prevent mouth injury and reduce the risks of concussions will be eligible if not marketed solely for performance enhancements.
Nasal Moisturizers & Washes Neilmed Neti Pot & solutions, Ocean Saline Spray, Simply Saline Products that are saline and primarily for moisturizing but may contain added aloe, menthol or eucalyptus, etc. are eligible.
Nasal Strips & Snore Relief Breathe Right To treat sleep apnea or improper breathing. Excludes strips marketed solely for performance enhancements.
Prenatal Vitamins Stuart Prenatal, Nature's Bounty Prenatal Vitamins  
Reading Glasses and Maintenance Accessories Foster Grant Reading Glasses, Apex Eye Glass Repair Kit, BL Sight Saver Lens Cloths Accessories used to maintain corrective lenses and frames are eligible. Chains, cases, etc. are not eligible.
Sun Protection (SPF 15 & above and Broad Spectrum”) Coppertone SPF15+, Banana Boat SPF 15+, Cerave SPF 30, No-Add Sport Stick SPF50 Primary use must be for protection against skin cancer and premature skin aging with indication of UVA and UVB protection (broad spectrum) and 15 and above (15+). Products that are primarily moisturizers/cosmetic with a sun screen are dual-purpose.
TENS Homedics Rapid+Relief, Icy Hot Smart Relief, Zewa Spa Buddy TENS units and supplies are eligible.
Wart Removers – Cryo Products Compound W Freeze Off, Dr Scholl’s Freeze Away, Wartner  
Vaccinations Flu Shots, Pneumonia, Shingles Vaccinations
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