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Are electric toothbrushes or regular toothbrushes FSA approved?

Can I buy an electric toothbrush with my FSA?

No, electric toothbrushes and regular toothbrushes are not FSA-eligible because they are considered general health and hygiene products rather than qualified medical expenses. The same goes for similar dental hygiene products such as mouthwash, dental floss, and toothpaste.

What is a toothbrush (re: FSAs)?

Toothbrushes, both manual and electric, are oral care tools used to clean teeth, remove plaque, and maintain good dental hygiene. Manual toothbrushes with are those that most are familiar with and have been widely used for decades while newer electric toothbrushes provide more efficient brushing with rotating or vibrating bristles.

Why aren't electric toothbrushes FSA approved?

Despite their importance for maintaining oral health, both electric toothbrushes and regular toothbrushes are classified as "Not FSA-eligible" expenses. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) considers toothbrushes as personal care (general hygiene) items rather than medical expenses, making them ineligible for FSA reimbursement. Because of their general health and hygiene designation, the cost of purchasing a toothbrush cannot be paid for using funds from your Flexible Spending Account.

What dental care products or services are FSA approved?

FSAs cover certain dental care expenses, including: dental exams, cleanings, X-rays, fillings, braces and other medically necessary procedures.

Additionally, there are thousands of FSA-approved products to search and browse through on BuyFSA.com and on the BuyFSA App.

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