Is Oura Ring FSA approved?

Are activity trackers like Oura Ring and Fitbit FSA approved?

Can I buy the Oura Ring with my FSA or HSA?

Yes, you can now buy an Oura Ring with your FSA and HSA. Prior to early 2023, the Oura Ring and other activity trackers required a letter of medical necessity to purchase with your FSA or HSA accounts. As of 2023, this has changed and you can now purchase a limited selection of biometric trackers with your FSA and HSA.

Each year, the IRS issues guidelines for FSA and HSA product eligibility and then those are used to make individual product eligibility decisions. These individual products are identified as FSA-approved and listed so the items can transact over the FSA and HSA card networks. This FSA approval on the product-level is also how plan administrators confirm FSA eligibility when reviewing and auditing FSA and HSA spend.

All of this makes it important to know what is actually listed as FSA-approved because even the expenses that transact on your HSA or FSA card may later be reviewed and denied coverage. BuyFSA removes that worry with guaranteed FSA-approved and HSA-approved products you can shop for with your FSA/HSA card online and in the BuyFSA app.

What is an Oura Ring?

Oura Ring is an advanced health tracker with a feature set that goes beyond a typical activity tracker. Oura tracks sleep, body vitals such as heart rate, body temperature and provides insights into these metrics to help adapt and improve your lifestyle. All of these metrics and insights are displayed within the connected Oura app, with a sleek interface making it easy to monitor your daily health.

A standout feature that Oura Ring boasts over its competition is its period tracking capabilities. Oura Ring provides insights that create an effortless way to monitor monthly cycles. Menstrual care is FSA and HSA approved and this Oura feature directly lends to its FSA-eligible status. 

For more information on how Oura Ring menstrual cycle tracking works, see How to Use Oura Temperature Trends to Track Your Cycle.

Are other activity trackers approved for FSA and HSA spend?

Yes, there are now several health brands that have activity trackers with more of a health-directed focus that can be purchased with your FSA/HSA. Specifically, products that include pulse oximetry are considered eligible expenses.

Check out the Ultrahuman smar ring that comes with an included life-time subscription. This super sleek and comfortable smartring is a biometric tracker with many benefits, including sleep tracking. The best part is that it is both FSA and HSA approved!

Below are some other examples of FSA-approved activity trackers:

  1. Withings Scanwatch  
  2. Oura Ring


  3. AliveCor KardiaMobile EKG  

Can I buy a Fitbit with my FSA?

No, Fitbit is still considered a disqualified general health product under FSA and HSA rules. Fitbits and other popular activity trackers are considered to have dual-purpose benefits that disqualify them from FSA and HSA spend. The focus around step tracking and simple sleep monitoring deem these items as general health products that don't specifically address a medical need. Without this specificity, these items remain unavailable for FSA and HSA holders.

With all of this said, rules are constantly changing and IRS guidelines are updated. There are groups lobbying to expand coverage for FSA and HSA funds that are pushing for inclusion of a wide line of products including activity trackers, vitamins, personal protective equipment and more.

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