December is here and the FSA deadline is creeping closer - BuyFSA

December is here and the FSA deadline is creeping closer

This is a public service announcement: Check your FSA balance today and decide how to use it before December 31st. 

Procrastinators and planners alike need to pay attention to the 2022 FSA deadline as it is expected to be one of the largest in terms of total account balances held to the year's end. Estimates range between that between $1 billion (CNBC) to $3 billion ( are at stake to be forfeited as unused FSA funds this year.

I have personal experience speaking with accountholders and I understand that many FSA balances were elected for expected health expenses. Many people are actually very responsible and at least put some thought into how they might spend the funds in a given year. The fact is, though, planning for these expenses can be extremely difficult.

Typically, I've seen FSA holders either spend all their funds early on in the plan year or have almost all of them left at the end of the year. What this means is that you likely have $0 or many dollars (maybe thousands) in your account today. For the latter group, that raises a great question - how can I spend one year's worth of funds in one month?

Top 10 ways to spend FSA funds before the end of the year

  1. Prescription sunglasses, glasses or contacts
  2. Any prescription refills coming due (pay off those copays)
  3. Therabody (maker of Theragun) Jet Boots
  4. An FSA-eligible Acupressure Mat
  5. A Breathalyzer
  6. A BMI Smart Scale
  7. An acupressure foot massager
  8. Eczema cream for extra dry hands
  9. A redlight therapy pain relief device
  10. A Kanjo Hemp Pain Relief Roller


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