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Midol® Heat Vibes Pain Relief Patch, 3 ct

Midol® Heat Vibes Pain Relief Patch, 3 ct

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Midol Heat Vibes Menstrual Pain Relief Heat Patches are single use period pain patches that use drug-free heat therapy to relieve minor menstrual cramp pain, promote blood flow and relax muscles. Feel the difference with up to 8 hours of continuous pain relief, targeting menstrual cramps, PMS pain, backaches, and muscle aches.
  1. MENSTRUAL CRAMP & BACKACHE RELIEF: Effectively relieves period cramps and back pain with therapeutic heat.
  2. LONG LASTING: Each patch provides up to 8 hours of targeted pain relief for menstrual cramps and backaches.
  3. FITS SEAMLESSLY UNDER CLOTHING: Thin, heart-shaped design discreetly adheres to underwear or clothing, making it perfect for on-the-go comfort.
  4. CONVENIENT & EASY TO APPLY: Individually wrapped for hassle-free use, these patches are a simple solution for relieving menstrual symptoms.
  5. EFFECTIVE, DRUG-FREE THERAPY: Utilizes heat to soothe PMS and period-related pain by promoting blood flow and relaxing muscles.

Recommended for both adults and children aged 12 years and older, Midol Heat Vibes Menstrual Pain Relief Heat Patches offer a drug-free option for teens seeking relief. Remember to use the patch immediately after opening, attaching the white adhesive side to the outside of your underwear or thin clothing to warm your lower abdomen or back. Avoid direct contact with bare skin and dispose of the patch after one-time use.

For enhanced comfort and comprehensive symptom relief, consider using Midol Heat Vibes in conjunction with other Midol products like Midol® Complete, Midol Long Lasting Relief, or Midol Bloat Relief - just follow the directions for usage. Embrace a simpler, more comfortable period experience with our effective and discreet pain relief patches.

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