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Kanjo | FSA-approved

Kanjo Acupressure Upper Back Pain Relief Cushion

Kanjo Acupressure Upper Back Pain Relief Cushion

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The Kanjo Acupressure Upper Back Pain Relief Cushion offers a simple yet effective at-home solution for upper back, neck, and shoulder pain. Lying on the Cushion relaxes the shoulders and stretches the chest while providing back pain relief, cervical traction and acupressure. FSA/HSA eligible

Taken from ancient Eastern methodologies used in acupuncture, the Cushion targets acupressure points to reduce pain. High-density foam molds to the pained area, providing a custom experience for every user. The Cushion provides cervical traction and spinal alignment and alleviates pain, tension, headaches and migraines.

Kanjo Acupressure Upper Back and Shoulder Pain Relief Cushions are made from firm but flexible EVA foam.

Benefits include:

  • Upper back pain relief
  • Neck pain relief and neck traction
  • Shoulder pain relief and relaxation
  • Stretching of the chest
  • Relaxing of the jaw
  • Molds to the pained area for a custom experience
  • Stress relief and relaxation
  • May lessen the need for migraine and headache medications

14" x 14" x 4.3"

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Customer Reviews

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Ursula G.
Chronic Pain meets its match

For more than 10 years I've struggled with Fibromyalgia and other chronic conditions! The constant achy body is very demoralizing. This past Mother's Day I was gifted a Kanjo Mat and neck bolster. These days I spend about 15 minutes on my mat with bare skin. As I feel the throbbing I imagine all these little blood soldiers rushing to my back to fight the pain. I feel relaxed and refreshed by my time on the mat, and the nagging aches are relieved! I'm grateful to have this easy to use tool right at home, no need to
make appointments for acupressure, then drive to a distant location. Even though I jokingly call it my "torture chamber', Kanjo has helped minimize the amount of pain pills, and heating pad/ice pack usage. I highly recommend These Kanjo products!

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Irina S.

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