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Kanjo Flex Height Acupressure Neck Pain Relief Cushion

Kanjo Flex Height Acupressure Neck Pain Relief Cushion

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The Kanjo Flex Height Acupressure Neck Pain Relief Cushion offers a simple yet effective at-home solution for neck and shoulder pain. Set the Cushion to your ideal height by stacking the inserts. Change the height as you progress or to address different pain points in the neck and shoulders. The relief you need from working out may be different from the relief you need from sitting hunched over at your desk; your Kanjo Flex Height Cushion has all situations covered!  FSA/HSA eligible

Benefits include:

  • Neck pain relief and neck traction
  • Shoulder pain relief
  • Height-adjustable to address different needs and body types
  • Molds to the pained area for a custom experience
  • Stress relief and relaxation
  • May lessen the need for migraine and headache medications

Based on ancient Eastern methodologies used in acupuncture, the Cushion targets acupressure points to reduce pain. High-density foam molds to the pained area, providing a custom experience for every user. The Cushion provides cervical traction and spinal alignment and alleviates pain, tension, headaches and migraines. Where an acupressure massage requires traveling to see a specialist, the Kanjo Flex Height Acupressure Neck Pain Relief Cushion is available in the comfort of your home.

Made from firm but flexible EVA foam.

Dimensions: 12" x 7" x 4"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
It works for me

It works well for me. Really relieves my neck and shoulder pain.

Helpful R.
Highly recommend; best trigger points.

Highly recommend; best trigger points.I got the adjustable one that lets you build layers.The material is a moderate firmness, in that you can squeeze it somewhat with your fingers; however, it stays plenty firm to do the job without discomfort.It is designed such that the extra build-up pieces can be stored underneath.The trigger points do a fantastic job - the best I have ever found in anything like this. (I have tried several of the round curved style ones that look like they were folded over; they can give a stretch, but the trigger point bumps" on them are a complete joke.)I needed the highest level to fully hit my upper neck trigger points (suboccipitals). But the lower trigger points on the back (levator scapulae and upper trapezius) did great on the base setting.Minimal instruction pamphlet. Easy to clean.It seems a bit expensive for what it is, but it does work really well. Only came in a plastic bag, so not gift packaged.Measurements (also see photos):Base 11.75" x 7".Additional building pieces have a depth of ⅜" and ¾" (combined 1 ⅛").The starting height (so the main neck insert piece) has a final height of 4" on outer edge and 3" at the center (not including the bumps).So then you can do the math and raise the height from there.

Good fit and easy to use

I have quite a bit tension along the back of my neck and I found this cushion to be fairly effective.ProsGood design, softness and functionEasy to useQuick to cleanFairly well at reaching pressure pointsConsNone noted

Jess b.
The detachable neck part is the part I use, back part too painful

I got this to help with neck pain. It is nice with just the neck part. The shoulder or back part is way too painful and hard and uncomfortable and makes pain worse. So I only use the neck part which is detachable. I have a rubberband around the neck layers to keep it together. I would choose a different one if you only want the neck but I'm willing to work with it this way. The material is thick and firm. My four year old manage to tear some of the weaker parts but it is still functional.

B. R.
Love It!

This acupressure neck stretcher by Kanjo is absolutely wonderful. It is simple to use and really makes my neck feel good afterward. It helps with posture and pain. It is composed of a firm foam that is more forgiving than the hard plastic variety found on the market. Even so, there may be a few sensitive people that have a problem with this device.It requires patience. It is uncomfortable, particularly in the beginning, but you do eventually get used to it. You can start out slowly and increase your time on it to maximize the benefits. The device includes three heights from which to choose, allowing you to gradually increase the stretch and benefits.This neck stretcher is a passive way to address posture and pain issues - without medication. It has the added bonus of built-in acupressure points for increased benefits. I absolutely recommend this.

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Irina S.

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