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Kanjo | FSA-approved

Kanjo Neck Pain Relief Support Cradle

Kanjo Neck Pain Relief Support Cradle

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The Kanjo Neck Pain Relief Support Cradle offers a versatile at-home solution for neck and back pain. The Cradle provides cervical traction, keeping the neck aligned with the spine, to alleviate pain in the neck and back. The Cradle can also be used to support the head while sitting upright. Comfortable foam supports the head and conforms to the user for added comfort. Light and compact, the Cradle is
useful both at home and on the go. FSA/HSA eligible

Benefits include:
• Neck pain relief
• Back pain relief
• Cervical traction
• Keeps neck aligned with spine to alleviate pain
• TMJ pain relief

Kanjo Neck Pain Relief Support Cradles are made of soft foam and sturdy ABS plastic for the perfect balance of comfort and support.

Dimensions: 14” x 5” x 6”

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Kathleen S.
This neck support is good

This neck support is good for use when reading and sitting up on a couch or recliner chair. It helps keep my neck on a comfortable and supported position

Good enough but disappointed

There were no directions on how to position the device or use it. Had no idea how long to put my neck on it.

James L.
Best neck devise I've bought

Takes all the pressure off my neck

Brandy M.
I love it!

So, for me, pressure on my neck seems to do the most for neck pain. I really like this option. When I've been sitting at my desk too long, I'll get this out and lie down. It's not for everyone, but I am big on deep pressure and release. This seems to be quite sturdy, and I like the foam padding. IT isn't really high-quality padding, but for me, that's good because it keeps the pressure intense as I like it. Know that if you're looking for something really soft, this is not for you.

Anonymous P.
Well designed and worth the price.

I was surprised how this realigned my neck and how comfortable it was. I assumed it would be somewhat unwieldy and I would need to balance carefully to use. Instead, I fell asleep using it, within minutes of feeling relief. I work with computers all day and have a spur in one of my cervical vertebrae. The padding was thick, resilient, and cushioned well without crushing.

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Irina S.

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