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Proov Fertility 4 in 1, 1-Cycle Test Kit, 20 tests

Proov Fertility 4 in 1, 1-Cycle Test Kit, 20 tests

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  • Proov 4 in 1 Fertility Test
  • Four hormones, one test kit – all on your phone
  • FSH (follicle stimulating hormone): FSH is the hormone responsible for selecting the follicle to ovulate in a given cycle and can provide insight into ovarian reserve
  • E1G (estrogen marker): A hormone marker that prepares the uterus to receive a pregnancy and it signals the opening of the fertile window - the 5-6 days each cycle with the highest possibility of getting pregnant
  • PdG (progesterone marker): A hormone marker released after ovulation that supports implantation and confirms successful ovulation, which clinical studies show is correlated to a 75% increase in pregnancy rates
  • LH-beta (beta subunit of luteinizing hormone): a hormone that spikes right before ovulation to cause the egg to be released to help you time intercourse or insemination and PdG testing
  • For all cycles tracked with Complete, you will need to start on cycle day 5 (a.k.a. 5 days after the start of your period)
  • At the end of each Complete testing cycle, you’ll receive a full-cycle analysis, where you’ll learn about your ovarian reserve status, hormone levels and balance, and whether or not your ovulation was successful - all critical info to have when trying to get pregnant


  • Application: Sexual Health Test Kit
  • Contents 1: Each Kit contains: (3) FSH Tests, (17) Multihormone Tests, Proov Insight App, Proov App Card, Instructions for Use
  • Number of Tests: 20 Tests per Kit
  • Specialty: Chemistry
  • Test Format: Test Strip Format
  • Test Kit Type: Rapid
  • Test Name: Follice Stimulating Hormone (FSH) / PdG / E1G / LH-beta
  • Test Type: Fertility Test / Home Test Device
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