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Theragun Sense G6 Massage Therapy for Pain Relief

Theragun Sense G6 Massage Therapy for Pain Relief

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Relax both mind and body with Theragun Sense, our first device to combine scientifically proven percussive massage therapy with calming breathwork to reduce stress, relieve aches and pains, ease soreness, and support restful sleep. Equipped with simple, visually-guided routines and a built-in biometric sensor for personalized insights from on-device heart rate readings, Theragun Sense makes it easy to create an effective, personalized wellness routine.

Whether you need a quick mind-body refresh or a reliable way to relax at the end of the day -- Theragun Sense gives you peace of mind, in the palm of your hand. Designed with strict quality and safety standards, Theragun Sense is an FDA registered
medical device.
Science-Backed Benefits

  • Relieve aches & pains
  • Ease soreness
  • Reduce stress
  • Sleep better

Product Features

  • Find relief from pain-induced stress. When pain is all you can focus on, Theragun Sense treats both mind and body — it’s the fastest way to find relief from aches, pains, soreness, stress and sleep issues.
  • Quiet, effective massage therapy for when you need it most. Theragun Sense integrates moderate percussive massage therapy with 4 unique attachments, designed to target different types of muscle pain, from aches andtension to soreness and knots. The device is ultra-quiet for the most relaxing massage experience possible.
  • Moderate 12mm percussive massage therapy. Theragun Sense is thoughtfully engineered with moderate 12mm percussive massage therapy — the ideal treatment depth for alleviating more persistent pain, stress and tension in your body. It is the perfect middle-ground for those seeking effective relief that’s not too intense.
  • 4 scientifically-designed attachments to treat different areas of your body
    • Standard Ball - All-over body massage to reduce tension.
    • Dampener - Reduce aches and pains for tender or sensitive areas.
    • Thumb - Lower back and trigger points to ease knots.
    • Micro-point - Increase circulation and stimulate recovery.
  • Mindfulness made easy with calming breathwork. Breathwork is scientifically proven to help your body relax, improve recovery, and sleep better. Theragun Sense offers guided breathwork featuring haptic vibration cues that work in tandem with TheraMind sound therapy and relaxing visualizations in the Therabody app to provide an immersive breathwork experience.
  • Personalized insights. Theragun Sense’s calming breathwork routines are enhanced by personalized insights from the biometric sensor, showcasing your lowest heart rate at the end of each session.
  • Discover the healing science of sound therapy with TheraMind. Optimize your Theragun Sense sessions using TheraMind sound therapy designed to support relaxation, sleep and recovery, exclusively in the Therabody app.
  • Relief simplified with step-by-step, visually guided routines. Theragun Sense simplifies your treatment by intuitively guiding you through step-by-step routines displayed directly on the device.
  • Patented triangle grip to reach more of your body than other devices. Theragun Sense features our easy-to-use patented triangle grip, so you can comfortably reach anywhere on your body without help from another person.
  • An immersive, customized experience with Therabody app integration. Personalize your Theragun Sense using our library of pain and stress relief routines and save your favorites directly to your device. The Therabody app enables you to learn the best way to use each therapy for maximum benefits based on your unique needs.
  • Get personalized relaxation with the Heartbeat routine in the Therabody app. This science-backed routine can help you relax by gently lowering your heart rate with haptic vibration cues. Your device will vibrate like a heartbeat, at a lower frequency than your heart rate. Your body will naturally want to match that rhythm and begin beating at a more relaxed rate.

What’s Included

Theragun Sense device contains:
  • Built-in biometric sensor
  • 4 massage attachments:
    • Standard Ball - All-over body massage to reduce tension.
    • Dampener - Reduce aches and pains for tender or sensitive areas.
    • Thumb - Lower back and trigger points to ease painful knots.
    • Micro-point - Increase circulation and stimulate recovery.
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Travel pouch


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Customer Reviews

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Luis L.
Theragun Sense G6

This product is absolutely incredible! I incorporate it into my daily routine post-cycling, and the results are remarkable. It provides instant recovery for my quads, hamstrings, and calves, which is fantastic. Additionally, the app offers a diverse selection of workouts, making it an unbeatable choice.

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" is a life saver when deadline time rolls around"

Irina S.

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