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Ultrahuman | FSA-Approved

Ultrahuman Ring AIR Smart Ring Sleep, Temperature Tracker with Sizing Kit

Ultrahuman Ring AIR Smart Ring Sleep, Temperature Tracker with Sizing Kit

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  • A sizing kit will be shipped to you: Choose from the available 10 sizes. Ensure a snug fit of the Ring AIR. 
  • Lock in your size: Log in to the Ultrahuman App with the same email as given during your purchase and submit your ring sizes. Your Ultrahuman Air ring will ship once we 
  • Sleep Index is derived to help you understand the various sleep stages such as Deep sleep, REM sleep, Light sleep and being Awake. During different stages of sleep, different metabolic processes of the body occur for growth, repair, restoration, and maintenance.
  • Movement Index is designed to help you move across the day enabling better metabolism and cardiovascular functioning. Track your steps, calories, metabolic equivalents (METs) and more
  • Recovery Score provides insights into various signals your body sends throughout the day, enabling a deeper comprehension of its needs. It is derived from a blend of key metrics, including Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Heart Rate, and Skin Temperature, interpreting the signals your body sends and enabling you to monitor your overall well-being.
  • Menstrual cycle tracking provides personalized insights to women into each phase of their menstrual cycle, correlating it with different biomarkers. It allows women to understand how each menstrual phase affects their resting heart rate, heart rate variability, and temperature.
  • Smart Goals empower you to navigate this journey with precision and personalization. A capability that allows you to tailor your goals to your body’s specific needs. It helps you master key indicators such as your sleep and wake timings, movement throughout the day, your active minutes, your sleep duration and much more.
  • Zones are designed to harness the power of the community. Create a private group and share movement, sleep and recovery scores with your friends or your family.
  • Workout tracking: The Ultrahuman Ring AIR has a dedicated "Workout Mode" that tracks various activities, giving you deeper insight into your overall workout metrics. By tracking heart rate during workouts, users can gain insights into their cardiovascular response, track intensity levels, and make informed decisions to improve their fitness outcomes.
  • Stimulant window recommender: A game changer for all caffeine enthusiasts, helping you to make smart choices about your stimulant consumption. It breaks down your day into favourable times in which you can use stimulants to enhance your productivity.
  • Circadian Phase Alignment: Geek out on various insights such as temperature minima, align your lifestyle and optimise your sleep-wake cycle for improved cognitive function, energy levels, and hormone balance. With timely, actionable nudges for sunlight exposure and movement to shift your sleep schedule earlier.
  • Inside the AIR: Boasting a smooth inner shell and constructed with fighter jet grade titanium, Ultrahuman Ring AIR boasts a 6-day battery life, a wireless charging and water resistance up to 100 m.
  • Available in 15 languages: The Ultrahuman App is now available in English, French, Thai, Chinese, Malay, Indonesian and more. 
  • Ultrahuman Ring AIR X Ultrahuman M1: Get personalised glucose insights with the insights of the Ultrahuman Ring AIR.
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